APG3500IS Upgrade

APG3500IS Gets an Upgrade!

The APG3500IS Inverter generator from All-Power have an exciting announcement!  It now is a 4300-watt generator!  That is an extra 800 watts of starting power wherever you need it.

The engineers at JD North America have been hard at work making improvements to this unit in a cost-effective manner.
Increased power from 3500w to 4300 watts peak power 
Larger fuel tank 3.7 gallon
Same Price (no price change) 

Get more value at the same price!  Innovation and saving are passed along to end-users and customers.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below!  We hope you love your product!

APG3500IS Updated Product Brochure


Robert Sanford

Date 3/20/2023

Robert Sanford

Date 3/20/2023

Wayne Watson

Date 5/22/2023

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