Best 12000 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The Best 12,000 Watt Dual-Fuel Portable Generators for Sale

What the consumer market is looking for in a dual fuel generator?
We have paid great attention to detail in what is important for the consumer's needs and wants in a dual-fuel generator set.   To ensure electric power is always available; yet does not wish to invest too much hard-earned cash in something that may only be needed a handful amount of times per year.  You want quality, dependability, easy to operate, easy to maintain and service, clean power for lighting, power tools and home appliances, to keep the refrigerator and freezer on, and to let the kids watch television or listen to the news on the radio in the event of an emergency.  

So with everything said in mind, we find the best 12000 watt dual fuel portable generator to be our All-Power APGG12000GL which can run 120/240V equipment and has both 30 Amp and 50 Amp twist lock plugs*, as well as the convenience of a duplex receptacle AC plug that everybody is already familiar with.  The ability to run on both gasoline or propane is a huge benefit of flexibility, giving you either fast action and easier to maintain propane for regular usage, and the option to use gasoline to raise the power output and runtime of the portable power generator.

With a 12000 watt peak capacity, this generator is powerful enough to run most appliances throughout the entire house. It has a large fuel tank, so you don't have to worry about running out of gas.  Best of all, our generator is offered at one of the best prices available without skimping on quality.  It's a fact!

Important Features 
The All Power APGG12000GL is a high performance, reliable, all-purpose, dual fuel generator designed to provide reliable, clean electricity for your home or business. It features a powerful JD Engine and large capacity generator to deliver up to 12,000 watts of prime startup power. This generator comes equipped two starting features either electric key start with a maintenance free battery, or the option to manually start it with manual recoil.  It is housed on a rugged wheeled frame and a durable steel chassis that is portable. With a maximum runtime of over 10 hours, this unit will give you plenty of time to get back to your daily routine.

What makes the All-Power generator the best choice?
A good quality generator is essential if you want to power your home during an emergency. It is important to choose one that meets all of your needs. For example, if you need a generator that runs on both gasoline and propane fuel, then you should look for a model that offers both options. Also, check out the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Most generators come with a limited warranty, so you may want to purchase a generator that comes with at least a two-year warranty period.  

Although the uses for a power generator are extensive, here are some common examples of what the portable generator is used as power for workshop, power for shop, power for garage, power for farm, power for campground, power for cabin, power for home, power for home office, power for home business,  power for home security, power for home appliances, emergency power for electric car, power source for RV, power for home kitchen, power for home laundry, power for home office appliances, and outdoor portable power on the go.

We welcome you to find out why All-Power generators are the best investment, to get the quality you deserve without overspending.  If you don't find we are the best solution for you, return the generator up to 30 days after purchase for a no hassle return.  We are confident you will agree it is a great decision to get the same great product at the best price.  Make an offer from the product listing!  

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*Older models did not yet include 50A plugs.  We have upgraded this feature in recent years.

Leave a comment to let us know what features are most important to you, and what you plan to power with your generator.  How much load have you put on under each power source?

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