Generator Purchase Guidelines

Most important aspects to selecting a power generator

When it comes to purchasing a generator, one of the most important factors to consider is the fuel type. Generators with dual fuel options offer greater flexibility as they can run on either gasoline or propane. This feature is particularly useful during emergencies when one fuel type may be unavailable or in short supply.

Here are some key factors to consider when purchasing a generator with dual fuel option:

1. Power Output: Generators come in different sizes and power output capacities. A 12000-watt generator is considered a large capacity unit and can power most household appliances and electronics, including refrigerators, air conditioners, sump pumps, and more. It's important to determine your power needs before selecting a generator to ensure that it meets your requirements.

2. Fuel Efficiency: Dual fuel generators can be more fuel-efficient than single-fuel units as they offer the option to switch between fuels depending on availability and cost. 

3. Portability: If you plan on using your generator for outdoor activities or in remote locations, portability is an important factor to consider. Look for generators that have wheels and handles for easy transportation and storage.

In terms of what you can power with 12000 watts, this will depend on the specific appliances and electronics you want to run. However, a 12000-watt generator should be able to power most household appliances and electronics simultaneously.

Here are some examples of what you can power with 12000 watts:

  • Refrigerator (600-800 watts)
  • Air conditioner (1500-2000 watts)
  • Electric oven (3000-5000 watts)
  • Water heater (4000-5500 watts)
  • Sump pump (600-800 watts)
  • Lights (60-600 watts)
In conclusion, purchasing a generator with a dual fuel option can offer greater flexibility and convenience during emergencies. When selecting a generator, consider factors such as power output, fuel efficiency, and portability to ensure that it meets your needs.

Do you have any suggestions or insight what is important for deciding on what generator is right for you?  Leave a comment below!  We are always looking to improve our products and want to know about your experience for picking out the right solution for you.


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