Inverter Generator for sales now offered

Inverter Power Generator 

Inverter Generator TEchnology offers sound antenuated quiet operation with steady realiable power

Inverter generators common for recreational use

People looking to travel, camp, or go tailgating have a new toy to bring along with their ice chest.  Inverter generators produce electricity, turn it into direct current, and then back to alternating current.  The result is a very clean and stable AC Power good for electronics and sensitive equipment.  The generator is small and has a sound proofed enclosure, so it can be run quietly in the background.  And for RV campers, it is a great way to get power.  Just make sure to run the unit outside in an open area.  

Inverter generator 2000 watt now available at All-POwer Generator Store

2kva and 3.5 kVA Inverters Available Now

APG2000is - 2300 Watt generator starting power

APG3500is - 4500 Watt generator starting power

Inverter Parallel Kit - Connect two APG2000is together, or connect two APG3500is together, or connect one of each together to upsize your power output.

3500 watt inverter generator spec sheet now available at all-power generator store

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