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We do our best to offer you great customer service and deliver on a high quality, reliable equipment.  We are striving for your 5-star customer review.  If you ever experience any problem, contact our friendly sales team and we will offer a solution quickly.

Let others know we are a reliable seller.  It makes a difference!

Even when things don't always go to plan, we are bound to make you happy.  We have great customer service, great products, and we got your back when it comes to shipping.  The product is covered with a one-year warranty, so you will be covered unless you are just misusing the product.  But even then, we are here to help, we can get you spare parts and service center help nation-wide.  If it is in our power, you will get the best solution possible

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Your first parts order you automatically get 5% off (use coupon code "firstorder"). 
So you may not need any discount for some time.  However, you can still submit your review early and receive the access code to anticipate servicing the engine.  You can review the following products:

  • Review the actual product you purchased
  • Review the parts from your previous order

What are good topics

We want to know how you plan on using your power equipment.  These are all great topics.

  • Did you recently start your own power washing business?  After two jobs the unit will pay for itself!
  • Do you live in Florida or near the Gulf of Mexico and it is hurricane season?  How are you prepared?
  • Do you live in an area that has frequent power outages?
  • What do you plan to run on backup power?  You probably want to keep the freezer on to save all that meat!  And who can live without air conditioning in this heat wave?
  • Are you replacing existing equipment?  Sometimes you outgrow equipment, or it is just time for a replacement.
  • What are you shredding in your woodchipper?  How do you use the mulch?  These autumn leaves need to go to good use!
  • Was it easy to find replacement parts to keep your engine running in prime condition?
  • How was this product a solution for you?

Your Story is Important to Us! 

The best reviews are short ones that give your perspective and let others know what to expect.  If you had a problem, make sure to include how we were able to fix it.  Or at least give us a chance to resolve issues before blasting us with a negative review.  We value you, and yes we do care!

How to submit your review

Send me an email directly with following info so that we may verify your review.

  • Did you leave a review on our company website or on a certain online marketplace.  Specify where.
  • Date / Title / Name or nickname of the reviewer. 
  • If you know how to send a screenshot of the review, that will help us verify it.
  • Make sure to follow common reviewer guidelines not to upset anyone or marketplace policy.
  • Contact me!   [email protected]
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