Proposition 65

Remember to always follow saftey precaustions

Engine exhaust is always a concern. never run an engine indoors. always place 20 feet away from buildings! No exceptions!

Hello everyone, we just want to take a quick opportunity to tell everybody to stay safe and follow the safety standards in both the product manual of your power equipment and the advice offered by your local authorities.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and invisible gas that can cause blackouts and serious injury without detection. Don't put anybody in jeopardy! Even the smallest crack or hole in the wall, the gas can find its way inside. Even with these suggested precautions, go even further and place carbon monoxide sensors inside your home. Be smart!


  1. What is gasoline engine exhaust? 
  2. Name four (4) ways exposure can happen?
  3. How to lower exposure to engine emissions?

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