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SCE California | generator rebates | Do you qualify?

If you purchased a generator in California, You may be eligible for rebates from Sce edison.  

Southern California Edison Rebate offer 

Congratulations on the recent purchase of your new generator.  If you are living in Southern California, you might like to find out if you qualify for the SCE California Edison Power Company offer to help residents keep the electrical power on if the lights go out.   

 Not many of you may know about the SCE Marketplace, where SCE Edison tries to make finding a model that qualifies in California easy.  California is known as one of the toughest standards on running engine emissions, the need to improve air quality, and requiring exhaust and carbon levels to meet the CARB requirement.

SCE Generator Rebate Program allows All Power and Gentron Power Equipment consumers up to a $500 return.

Having generator power shows better preparedness

Life is good  until the power goes out!  If you have purchased a generator recently, or are planning to buy a generator, see if you qualify for the SCE Generator Rebate.  If you think it is hard to believe, check out this video!

How to Qualify for Generator Rebate
Rebates & Incentives:  Click here to learn about the SCE Edison Portable Generator Rebates:

Learn More:

All Power America Gasoline, Propane Portable Generator is listed on the SCE Edison Marketplace Website.  
This is not an official endorsement, but it is nice to cut some of the guesswork out of finding us to purchase a generator.

Where to apply: 

Of course you do not have to make the purchase on Amazon, as we have these products available on other retail sites such as:

Home Depot, Lowes, FingerHut, Newegg, Walmart, and other nice store locations.

All-Power Engines offer CARB certification on their most popular units.

CARB Logo California Air Resources BoardCARB Certification California Air Resource Board

If you were able to successfully claim your generator rebate, please comment your experience below so others may know your experience.   See, California isn't so bad after all!   Good luck!



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