Submit a short video

Get paid up to $1000 for submitting product videos!

Submit a video of your product in action for cash!  

Any video submission we approve and use on our social media or website we will pay you $40 to $100.  Then you will be entered automatically into a contest for best product video of the year, where you could win a grand total prize up to $500.

Can I submit more than one video?

Yes!  A video different in nature, showing different content can be submitted.  Also, a video of a different product can be submitted.  We value your creativity and if you have extra content, you are not limited to just one video submission.  See our content ideas section below for ideas.

How long should the video be?

Typically a video should be 20 seconds to 45 seconds.  Keep videos concise and helpful to viewers.  Some video content can go up to 2 minutes.  If you are doing an extensive 30 minute repair and restoration video, we would also love to see that.  But all you have to do to qualify is basically send a 20-45 second video.

Content Ideas

  • Open Box 
  • Product Assembly 
  • How to add oil & fuel 
  • Starting the unit up 
  • Engine break in 
  • Oil change 
  • Demonstration using the product 
  • What you use it for!!!  
  • Moving or towing the unit, showing portability
  • Check air filter 
  • Replaceable parts 
  • Change spark plug 
  • Storing unit (fuel additive or draining fuel) 
  • Basic troubleshooting 
  • Carburetor cleaning 
  • Product review
  • Product restoration
  • Tips for getting the most out of your investment
So with 18+ content ideas, you could submit multiple videos, earn $40 per video, and make $700, and win more if you are awarded the Best Video Grand Prize or Most Popular Video for 2023.

By participating in this contest, we consider you a Brand Ambassador and you will be eligible for future benefits and discounts.

Tips for Approval and Success

  • Make sure the product is clean or looks presentable.
  • Lighting is very important, don't shoot in the dark.  Avoid shadows in the shot.
  • If you are in the video, dress nice or appropriate for occasion.  Wear appropriate safety gear.  Set a good example.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, film in location that compliments the product.
  • Film steady shots, use upward angles and point of view angles.
  • Video views and user comments will be considered in selecting most popular videos.  If your video goes viral, we will award you the maximum prize amount.
  • If background noise is present, we might edit out the sound.  But if you have nice audio of the product in use, we will highlight that.
  • Consider leaving an actual product review on the product you are submitting, reviews help us a lot, and we are grateful for any support that helps the All-Power community.
  • If you have any problems, communicate with us so we can address any concerns. 
  • Everybody is a winner!  You will at least make the minimum submission amount $40.

Does the video need to be edited/contain audio?

No, I can refine and edit the video you submit.  Just get a nice video clip of the product in use and we can do the rest.  We want to be careful not to violate copyright of any music or other infringement.  But if you have experience putting together video, showing images, and are confident talking on camera, then YES!  Let's see your vision.  A video ready to go for production would be a gem!

How could my video be disqualified?

This project should be fun and easy for you.  Keep it simple.  But if the video motion is too shaky, not relevant, endorses a competitor product, or is unhelpful to the viewer, we would not consider that entry, and may ask you to try again.  Video content should be suitable for the entire family and all ages, but will not be marketed towards children.  We reserve the right to pick and choose the best content and standards for the media.  If you want to ask questions or run ideas by me, I am here to help!  Let's collaborate!

Do you need to be in the video?

No, the video should focus on the product.  But if you do it in a tasteful way, we don't mind showing you endorsing the product.  We will also support you back and promote you if that seems like a good idea.  Let's show love for the industry.  Let's make a positive difference by helping our community.

What products are eligible?

Any generator, pressure washer, woodchipper, or log splitter active on can be used in the video.  (No lawn mowers, water pumps, or discontinued items).  The brands can be either All-Power, Gentron, or Steele.

If you have had the product for many years, we want to hear your testimony how it has stood up or how you obtained it and got it working like new!

How do I submit my content?

Send me an email at [email protected] or contact me on my social media.  I will reply to confirm submission.  Once approved, the payout for approved content is typically within 14 days.  I will contact you to arrange payment details (paypal, cashapp, mailed check, etc.)

Let's be social :)

Follow me on any social media channels you have.   If you comment on a post, I will follow you back!  This is all optional, but I just want to let you know I will do my best to support you back for all your efforts.

Good luck!  

We look forward to viewing your video submission.  Grand prize winners for Best Video and Most Popular will be awarded by December 15th, 2023 in time for Christmas shopping.  Payout for approved videos will be paid out within 14 days of submission.  We hope this is a smashing success!

If you have questions regarding this contest, or would like to vote for a video that was helpful to you, please leave a comment below.

Excellent example of a product in action! We like how simple this is, great shot showing the power of the woodchipper, the beautiful setting with no distraction, good lighting, good sound, and how it shows a great result using the product.

Legal Disclaimer:

By submitting any video to our company, you hereby grant us the right to use the video on our social media and company website. You also release any claim to the video and understand that it will be used based on our sole discretion (to show customers the product in use).

We reserve the right to edit, modify, or delete any portion of the submitted video as we see fit. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to you or your business by sharing the video to our viewers.

You represent and warrant that you own all rights to the video and have the authority to grant us the right to use it. You also agree to indemnify and hold harmless our company from any claims arising from the fair use of the video.

We, All-Power Corp., as the organizer of the contest, hereby declare that we have the right to award the winner(s) of the contest and awarded prize money. The decision made by All-Power Corp. regarding the winner(s) of the contest is final and binding. We reserve the right to disqualify any participant who violates the rules and regulations of the contest.  Maximum payout to any contestant is $1,000.00.  Maximum contest give-a-way per calendar year is $10,000.00.

This legal disclaimer is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of California, USA. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this disclaimer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of California, USA.



Date 11/13/2023


Date 11/13/2023

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