Tree Stump Grinder is Here
TREE STUMP REMOVAL Removing tree stumps from a property requires some serious tools to get the job done efficiently. The All-Power Stump Grinder will provide reliable, safe removal of tree stumps and cut 12" deep into the ground removing the core of the trunk. 

IMPOSSIBLE MADE EASY - Remove tree stumps easy without the need of a tractor unit or hours of manual labor. Time saved on your jobsite will pay for itself. 

HEAVY DUTY - Profession grade steal construction with max cutting speed of 2200 RPM, removes tree stump 12" below ground cutting depth. The unit weights 265lbs and has 14.5" wheels that will never go flat. 

JD ENGINE POWER - The 15HP 420cc engine provides 9 KW rated output power. The gasoline fuel tank holds 1.85 gallon (7 liters) will run the engine. Not CARB compliant for California use. Meets EPA certification. 114 db noise decibels. 

LASTING POWER - Includes 2-year warranty and easy to find service centers and replacement parts.


michael simpson

Date 5/6/2023

Wayne Watson

Date 5/22/2023 11:55:11 AM

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