Woodchipper Safety

Here are a few tips to help you have the best results using your All-Power Woodchipper.  Follow these guidelines to maintain personal safety and keep a well running machine!

How To Use a Woodchipper
To use a woodchipper, you need to read the manual, take many safety precautions, and feed branches into the machine slowly and loosely. Here are the steps to follow to operate a chipper shredder safely: 

 1.            Wear protective gear equipment, protective eye equipment, and gloves.
 2.            Place the woodchipper on level ground.
 3.            Make you have put fuel and oil in the woodchipper.
 4.            Turn on the woodchipper.
 5.            Stay in the Woodchipper safety zone.
 6.            Loosely feed branches into the machine at the rate the manufacturer suggests.
 7.            Keep your arms at a 90° angle to the hopper.
 8.            Avoid adding rocks or other hidden trash that can dull blades or spit out and harm you.
 9.            Don’t clean out the machine until it comes to a full stop and removed the spark plug wire for safety.

What Can You Put in a Woodchipper 
Woodchippers can handle small branches, larger tree limbs, yard debris, hedge trimmings, and leaves.

Here’s a list of items that you can put in a woodchipper: 

 1.            Dry wood 
 2.            Small branches. Around your yard, especially after a good day of pruning, there will no doubt be a lot of small branches and sticks.
 3.            Wet wood
 4.            Fresh limbs
 5.            Acorns
 6.            Pinecones
 7.            Grass
 8.            Leaves

Avoid putting these items into a woodchipper: 

 1.            Rocks 
 2.            Pinewood with sap
 3.            Woods that are higher on the Janka scale
 4.            Pressure-treated lumber
 5.            Coconut shells
 6.            Long vines
 7.            Rubber, plastic
 8.            Palm branches or fronds
 9.            Animal feces
 10.          Butcher waste
 11.          Golf Balls
 12.          Leather
 13.          Metal

Leave a comment below for how you use the wood chipper, and let us know any tips we may have missed.  Thank you!

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